About me

At the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia constitutes a prime location for market operations in the surrounding areas and the economy of Georgia is highly integrated with international markets.
I have been practicing law for 13 years and during all these period, my primary focus was to support investment projects through my companies, that play the major role for making business in Georgia.
Fine Life Tbilisi is an international company and is a part of Fine life Group and operates as a bridge between Georgia and Cyprus businesses. The primary aim of this company is to establish new standard of diverse legal and financial services in Georgia and to run your business more effectively and efficiently, with the higher degree of professionalism and expert knowledge in all corporate functions of your enterprise.
GLS Holding is a Management & Intermediary company that provides services with a wide range of investment products and strategies. It is a holding company with respect to a limited-liability company which has a legal capacity and expert knowledge to carry on business activities.
GTL Consulting is a Georgian-Turkish Law firm that operates on the Georgian Territory and supports to the clients to solve problematic cases with the help of best professionals in litigation and arbitration procedure. The primary focus of this law firm is to give diverse legal consultation and support to the Turkish investors and businessman.
BLTC invites the best professional lecturers, who teach the clients the most problematic issues in Georgian Legislation. An academic activity is an inseparable part of my daily life and I am a Professor in 5 Georgian leading Universities and Author of 4 books and 30 publications.



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E-mail: Zviad@gabisonia.net; Address: Shartava Street 40, 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia